Our results-driven behavior change coaching produces remarkable outcomes for your executives, managers, and professionals. Whether you are looking for changes in management style, communication skills, image and presence, or leadership skills, we will deliver tangible, noticeable, lasting results in record time.


Our outplacement services are life-changing. We provide tremendous practical support along with customized, expert, "high-touch" outplacement counseling. This enables the outplaced employee to focus on the future instead of brooding about the past. The net result is that people transition into new jobs or careers as efficiently as possible.


Are you a small business or a start-up without a human resources staff? Are you a mid-size or larger organization that needs an outside, objective HR expert for a special project? Posti & Associates comes up with creative ways to maximize use of your organization's human resources and devises practical solutions to your most challenging people problems.

We maximize human potential through executive coaching, outplacement, and human resources consulting.

And we always get results.

Through executive coaching and corporate coaching, outplacement, and human resources consulting, we enable organizations to change for the better – whether that means better work performance, making a swift and suitable career change, improving morale and productivity, or changing problem behaviors.

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