Human Resources Consulting

Are there times when your Human Resources staff does not have the time or expertise to handle a project? ...or when you require a confidential third party? ...or when you could benefit from using outside expertise and viewpoints? In such times, Posti & Associates Human Resources can assist you with human resources consulting in several ways:

Small Business Human Resources Consulting

Small businesses need Human Resources expertise, but can rarely afford to hire a full-time Human Resources Manager. As a result, they often rely on employees who lack the expertise or the interest in human resources issues. Posti & Associates human resources consultants can offer you a far better alternative. We deliver HR and organizational development consulting and training relating to the DiSC™ behavior assessment tool, performance management and appraisals, and sensitivity/sexual harassment.

Focus Groups

Ever wonder what's really on your employees' minds? Here's a surprise: it is never quite what you thought. Unexpected feedback is a hallmark of our focus groups. Getting to the truth is essential for managing your business's greatest asset and greatest expense – your employees. We can help you uncover employees' true thoughts and opinions, and we will also recommend creative and cost-effective ways to mend problem areas.


what others SAY

"Posti & Associates conducted focus groups to clearly identify key reasons our pharmacists were leaving our organization and for recommendations on how to improve retention and our processes.

Not only have we rehired several former employees as a result of this consulting project, but additionally, several current initiatives within our pharmacy department have been powerfully influenced.

Sara Buchanan
Senior HR Generalist
Giant Eagle, Inc.

"Posti & Associates really listened to our unique needs and crafted solutions that work well for our company.

This has helped to improve aSa's employee retention, further our corporate culture, and reduce our legal exposure. Their HR counsel is thoughtful, timely, and valuable.

Scott D. Leib
Applied Systems Associates, Inc.

"‘What I appreciated most about Chris was her uncanny ability to quickly size up the situation and get to the bottom line.

She helped us focus on the real goals and identify a solution that could offer quick and effective results. She helped turn what initially seemed like a problem into a win-win opportunity for both me and my staff. 

Bill Provenzano, FACHE
President (Retired)
Ohio Valley General Hospital