Express Outplacement Services

Are You …

  • Paying for the Outplacement Yourself?
  • Graduating From College with No Job Prospects in Sight?
  • Re-entering the Workforce after a Long Absence?

If so, "Express" Outplacement is perfect for you!

We offer a very compressed and comprehensive "Express" outplacement program that will have a direct and dramatic impact on your job search, enabling you to move forward in your job search or career change with the conviction and comfort of knowing you are headed in the right direction, doing everything as correctly and efficiently as possible, in order to fast-track you to success.

This outplacement program includes key elements such as resume and cover letter editing, a mini mock interview, a workbook containing insider guidance and examples, and help in identifying the right target employers for you.

Most significantly, we also show you where you are likely to have obstacles in your job search and how to overcome them.

If you are considering starting your own business or becoming a consultant, we test you to determine your likelihood of success.

If you don't know what you want to do, we have exercises and discussions that will guide you to your calling.

If you’re graduating from college we’ll help you understand how to position yourself as a standout among so many peers.

Practice Interviews

Has it been a long time since you interviewed? Are you a recent college graduate and unsure of what to expect? Do you have a lot riding on an upcoming interview?

You don't dare risk being unprepared! The competition is too stiff to miss your chance.

Posti & Associates can conduct a mock interview with you that will not only give you a huge confidence boost, but will also prepare you for even the toughest and the most unexpected interview questions. We know the kinds of questions interviewers ask, and we know what kind of answers they are looking for. We’ll practice these interviewing questions with you until you get it right.

We’ll also give you insider tips and expert advice that will increase your chances for getting hired. We will even critique your interview outfit, your mannerisms, your body language, and anything else that needs to be tweaked before you walk into the interviewer’s office.

Our goal is to enable you to have the best possible interview, to substantially increase your likelihood of a job offer, and to help you negotiate the best possible starting salary.


what others SAY

"Chris Posti was instrumental in coordinating outplacement for our employees who could not relocate from Pittsburgh to our new offices in Chicago. Chris impressed me with her ability to read these people and provide them with the tools and guidance they needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. All employees found jobs rather quickly. I highly recommend Chris for her professionalism, intuitiveness and ability to guide her clients to success. Chris shines as a career coach and advisor!

Chris Matheney
HR Director
Evraz Stratcor

"Chris Posti is a dedicated, proven professional who loves the work she does. She has the ability to help her clients prepare for their job searches and keep them focused on what is important in their lives.

Chris is a great listener and a very motivational person. The job search requires a person to be fit mentally, physically and even spiritually and Chris Posti prepares her clients in all three of those areas.

Chris is the complete package and I would recommend her to anyone finding themselves in need of new employment." 

Dennis Dominick
Senior Quality Engineer

"Outplacement had many benefits for me, both personally and professionally.  My resume was much enhanced through editing. The mock interview was great practice for me, as I had not interviewed in over 15 years.

The constant availability of a coach through the job search process either by phone or email to help evaluate potential opportunities and offers was extremely valuable. 

Weekly meetings kept my job search always moving forward and my self-esteem much higher than if I had approached the job search independently." 

L.B., Operations VP

"‘Treat others as you would want to be treated.’ This precept could not apply more than when a company must lay off a portion of its workforce. When we faced a layoff for the first time in our 37-year history, Posti & Associates put together a process that considered the needs of those affected by the layoff and allowed CTR to apply the Golden Rule.

They provided all the necessary support for what was indeed a tremendously stressful period. We have used Posti & Associates for our ongoing outplacement needs and plan to do so should the occasion arise again." 

Doug Duffy
Executive Vice President
CTR Systems

"Posti & Associates' workshops were FANTASTIC, INVALUABLE, and VERY WELL WORTH THE TIME!

I especially appreciated the individual care/attention that was provided and the fact that it was HANDS-ON! Inspiring and enjoyable. I learned where my talents are and what I REALLY want to do for a living.

I learned the BEST ways to develop a
resume and cover letter and how
to “market” myself." 

James Kitna
Appraisal Reviewer

"Chris Posti was a jewel found while searching the internet for a local company to help our organization with some outplacement services.

It did not take long after meeting her to realize her understanding of business and people were two qualities that set her apart from many other companies.

Once she demonstrated her ability by positively influencing the way people were exiting our organization, we decided we needed her help to expedite culture change with the people working within the company!

Lori Bassett, SPHR, CCP
Former Vice President, Human Resources
Clarion Industries | Clarion Laminates, LLC | Clarion Boards, Inc

"I had the good fortune of selecting Chris to work with me during a recent job transition. Chris was very sincere, supportive and attentive to my personal and professional needs, was always available, and used an up-front and honest approach to provide appropriate feedback, encouragement and direction. Her flexibility and ability to customize an action plan specific to my needs was invaluable, as well as was her commitment to work through this transition along with me. I am grateful for her guidance, support, and friendship, and would highly recommend her to anyone going through a transition.

Eric Larson
Human Resources Director

"Chris Posti is a true professional in every sense of the word. During my career search she always remained positive, focused and provided invaluable information regarding resources for me to tap into and advice during every step of the career transition process. Chris truly has the ability to accurately access the skills, abilities and vision of her clients and help to steer them toward the position that is a true win-win partnership both for the individual as well as the organization. Chris is top in her field and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone!

Kim Anderson
Senior Director of Operations
Dollar General