Executive Coaching & Corporate Coaching

Leadership Development, Behavior Change Coaching, Management Development, Turnaround Coaching, Communication Coaching, Image & Presence, and International Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching from Posti & Associates will quickly enable your executives, managers and professionals to further develop their key capabilities, erase any performance gaps, improve workplace behaviors, and turn around any problem areas in order to bring about powerful, measurable, and lasting results.

Coaching goals are achieved remarkably fast. In fact, most of our coaching assignments are completed in just three or four months. That’s a dramatic departure from the norm of 6-12 months. That efficiency spells both faster results and reduced fees for you.

We achieve that efficiency by employing a unique coaching/consulting model that has been perfected over many years of experience. Clients typically seek coaching in these areas:

  • Desire continuous improvement to keep up with the dynamic demands of business.
  • Have just been promoted and want some coaching support to ensure their success.
  • Need a boost to get to the next level.
  • Have a few gaps in performance that could potentially derail their career.

No matter what the situation or challenge, we are not only up to the challenge, but enthusiastic about and committed to achieving the results you seek.

The Coaching Process

The coaching process begins with initial meetings (no fee or obligation) with the coaching client, the manager, and the human resources liaison in order to gather input on the coaching situation, as well as to define objectives and how we will measure success.

Moving forward, input meetings are then conducted with relevant individuals in the company who can provide perspective and an understanding of the dynamics. If warranted, a DiSC® personality profile is completed. DiSC® is a testing instrument that helps people better understand themselves and their relationships with others in the workplace. The client may wish to provide other similar assessment results previously completed.

After gathering input, actual coaching then begins. It typically includes weekly one-on-one meetings with the coaching client, observing the client in meetings or other appropriate settings, telephone conversations, emails (including review, if appropriate, of emails written by the coaching client), recommendation of reading materials or providing of executive summaries, and any other activities that meet or exceed the client's needs and expectations.

Our leadership, behavioral, and executive coaching most often falls in these categories: interpersonal skills, management style, communication skills, presentation skills, executive image & presence and leadership skills.

Speed Coaching™

Speed Coaching™ is an intense one-month coaching process intended for individuals needing laser-focused coaching in just one area. You'll see measurable growth and change in this compact month of coaching.

"Individual" Team Coaching

Individual coaching sessions for a group of your leaders serves dual purposes: The overarching goal is to transform the way your business operates. This is accomplished by coaching each individual on the needs of their unique behaviors and situations, in the context of your goals for business transformation.

Open Coaching Day

For employers who want to have a versatile and experienced coach available to their leaders and employees on an as-needed basis, a day of "open coaching" can be scheduled in your conference room or other on-site location. This coaching event is commonly a mix of business, career, and life coaching and employees consider it quite the perk!

Our Clients

Most of our executive coaching clients are located in the Pittsburgh area, and arrangements can be made to coach clients in other cities across the U.S.

Our client list includes executives and professionals from diverse employers, from tiny entities to large international corporations. We have coached C-level executives through all layers of management and professionals. We have coached people of all ages and both genders, and we have coached people coming from many disciplines and diverse educational and experience backgrounds. We have coached people whose primary language is not English, or who are in the United States for a temporary assignment.

what others SAY

"I was skeptical about using an Executive Coach - I had a successful career, but was unable to take my career to the next level.

I saw dramatic improvement almost immediately and I received a long overdue promotion just a couple of months after our sessions ended.

I can't say enough about what Chris has done for me, my career and our company." 

James H. Willich, Vice President
Commercial & Product Development
Ardagh Group

"Chris changed my life, in so many ways. I will never be able to thank her enough. I will always remember the lessons she taught me. Now that she has showed me the levers, I’ve been able to make the changes which resulted in my recent promotion." 

Senior Manager
Heinz North America

"After a recent promotion, Chris was able to provide me with the guidance necessary to FOCUS on what was important, rather than addressing everything at once. She provided me with a clear path to unlock my potential, and reinforced that I already had the skills necessary to become even more successful. I am now more confident in my position and can clearly see a path forward to future opportunities. I feel in control and empowered to handle whatever comes my way." 

Steven M. Scheidler, P.E
General Manager
Global Engineering Firm

"I was very skeptical in the beginning about coaching, and didn’t believe I needed it. Within two coaching meetings, Chris had me figured out as though we had known each other for years. Chris not only changed my career, she changed my life! What a God-send." 

Tami L. Reichard
Warehouse Manager
Bellefonte Parts Distribution Facility
Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company

"Chris has become a coach for key management team members, reducing their learning curves by eliminating inhibitors to their personal growth.

Because of Chris Posti, our organization is stronger and more prepared to compete in a dynamic, ever changing manufacturing environment." 

Lori Bassett, SPHR, CCP
Former Vice President, Human Resources
Clarion Industries | Clarion Laminates, LLC | Clarion Boards, Inc

"Chris has a unique approach to coaching that delivers noticeable results quickly.  

What differentiates Chris from other coaches is her "real life" observational approach that quickly uncovers the key issues.

Chris' process provides the honest feedback that's needed to get you back on track, and her partnership and collaborative support with your action plan is what truly sets her apart from other coaches." 

Karen L, Blue Bell, PA