The Shortest Distance
between You and Your New Job

A practical guide to finding the right job fast.

bookIf you're looking for a new job, you have discovered how challenging job hunting can be! This eminently practical book is designed as a lifeline to enable you to minimize the time and effort expended on finding the right job fast. Filled with sage advice, sample scripts, simple but profound exercises, and inspiring anecdotes, you will learn proven tactics and strategies to get you the results you want, fast.

For more than 20 years, outplacement expert Chris Posti has been "in the foxhole" with hundreds of job seekers, continually refining the tactics and strategies that yield the best and fastest results. Now, she shares her wealth of job-hunting secrets, shortcuts, and advice that will quickly propel you to your goal.

Available in Paperback or Kindle.

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Fall time for companies, employees to take stock

Most people think of autumn as “back to school” time. But in the world of work, think of fall as a potentially pivotal time for your job and career. Now is the time ... | Read Column

When applying for jobs, lack of some qualifications not a deterrent

Want to get hired for a job, but don't have the required experience? Anytime you learn of a job opening, whether it's through a network ... | Read Column

Constructive feedback crucial for career progress

Carl was the first manager to ever give me a performance review. He was also the first manager to ever give me negative feedback. I'm a pretty... | Read Column

Leave job hunt to specialist recruiters

Retained search firms are the elite of the recruiting industry. Tapped to fill C-level, strategic, hard-to-fill, and professional-level openings, retained search firms command fees... |
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Know what you want, plan ahead to land internship

When is the best time for a college student to land an internship? Anytime they can get one! The tougher question, however, is how should the student go about finding an internship... | Read Column

Your handwriting could cost you a job

Would you like to know an unconventional yet effective way to change your behavior in the workplace or increase your odds of getting hired? Change your handwriting. | Read Column

Gendered mistakes can derail job interviews

A woman recently met with me to prepare for an interview. Currently a director, Lynn wanted to have a mock interview for the vacant C-level job that manages her entire department....... | Read Column

Change, grow without switching jobs

It's a new year and you may be thinking it's time for a new job. That may be the case, but since employees change jobs on average every four or five years, the odds are good...... | Read Column

End of year good time to take stock

Here it is, nearly 2016, and if you're a Baby Boomer (born between 1946 and 1964), you might be thinking about joining the ranks of retirees in the new year. You'd have plenty of company... | Read Column

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what others SAY

"Job search expert Christine Posti has
helped hundreds of individuals land their next position, and now, you too can have the benefit of her unique approach to finding the right job fast.

She knows what works - and what doesn't - in the world of job search. This book is practical, easy to follow, and filled with wonderful real-life examples." 

Debra Burk, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources

"Chris Posti brings a practical, pragmatic approach to finding a job in a life-changing way! I appreciate her realistic advice to people wanting or needing to make a change.

The one thing that she does not allow is EXCUSES! Chris insists that people take charge of their lives in a highly accountable and responsible way, and she has a great gift to have others see themselves in ways that they could not have comprehended prior to reading this book.

What a great "how-to guide" to transforming your vision into reality.

Ralph Ross

"'Christine Posti is an inspirational mentor and coach. Her book gives practical and unique advice that will help anyone get the right job fast!" 

Debbie Wood
Chief Operating Officer
Adagio Health

"'This book provides great insights during a job search or career change in a concise and easy-to-read format. More importantly, Chris shares her many years of expertise in this area with practical tips and actual stories which are very inspirational. " 

Frank M. Greco
Director of Human Resources
Chatham University

" Christine Posti writes as if she were talking directly with you. You can almost sense her sharing her thoughts, asking her reader a question - and then pausing to listen to the reader, before responding with
more career advice.

Chris is unique in that she combines a heart of compassion withdirectives to action. She is wise - and is also gifted with the ability to impart her wisdom with confidence and clarity, in a practical, palatable manner.

Julie Emanuel, SPHR
Under Construction for Christ Ministries

"Finally, a job search book that is not only practical but inspiring. A must read for anyone who is looking for a job. This book will help you get the job of your dreams." 

Dr. Barbara Schwarck
Neuro Emotional Coach and CEO
Clear Intentions International

"In the job search arena, Christine Posti is your "Go-To" person! She has vast experience on this topic and lays everything out in easy to follow steps." 

Bernice Boyden
Sr. Human Resources Advisor
FedEx Express

"Poignant, Practical and Pragmatic.
Will definitely minimize the time you'll need to achieve meaningful employment." 

James Hazen, Ph.D
Applied Behavioral Insights